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General terms and conditions

Delacroix & Partners SRL

Treatment of files

Each file is treated under the supervision of a partner of S.C. Delacroix& Partners, which can be assisted by another lawyer from the firm.

Payment of invoices

Invoices are due upon receipt in euros without any type of deduction or retention. In case of non-payment within a delay of 30 days, as from the date of issuance, they will be increased with the legal interest on arrears rate. We reserve the right to suspend our services, provided prior written notification.


Our deontology rules are accessible, with either the French or German speaking Bar (, the Flemish speaking Bar (Orde van Vlaamse Balies) (, the French speaking order of the Brussels Bar (l’Ordre français des avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles) ( or the Flemish speaking order of the Brussels Bar (


S.C. Delacroix & Partners, its partners, associates and staff’s liability in the execution of their mission towards a client for a specific case is limited to the totality of the fees paid for that case. In case of intentional fault or violation of the principle of good faith, the responsibility will be limited to the amount covered by our insurance and professional liability.
Depending on the lawyer, the civil liability will be insured by the insurance company selected by either the order of French and German speaking Bar or the order of the Dutch speaking Bar. 

The insurance policy will be transferred upon first request.

End of mission –Archives

Each party can put an end to the mission, provided prior written notice.
At the end of our mission in the matter, the archives will be kept during a period of 5 years. Unless explicit, prior and written demand and provided additional costs (to be determined), these will then be destroyed.
The originals can be returned upon first request before the 5 year delay.


Unless with prior and written consent, these general conditions are applicable to all our services. The general conditions of our clients will only be applicable provided prior and written approval by the S.C. Delacroix & Partners.

Applicable law and competence

Any dispute subject to our intervention will be brought before the competent Brussels courts and will be governed by Belgian law.