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Our fees

Calculation method and FAQ

The best service at the best cost

The method of calculation

Our firm wishes to offer the best service at the best rate. Since 1973, our human-size organization allows us to avoid high rates related to our administration, while investing constantly in the quality of the services rendered by our lawyers.

Our fees and rates can be split into three sections:

  • Fees as such, which are part of the lawyer’s remuneration
  • Office expenses and travel costs
  • Costs and disbursements linked to the court (fees of bailiffs, experts, technical counsel, court…)

Our rates take into account the actual time spent on the file. The hourly rate is established according to the experience and specialization of the lawyer working on the file on the one hand and according to the degree of urgency and the complexity of the case on the other hand.

For matters of which outcome can be evaluated in money, success fees can be agreed upon.

Costs linked to Court and other disbursements will be charged at cost.

The office expenses will be fixed according to the type of file, from its opening on.

Each lawyer will, upon request or at their own initiative, submit an intermediary activity report and state of fees.

Frequently asked questions

This is not permitted according to Belgian law. Article 446ter of the judicial Code states the following:

“Any agreement on fees exclusively linked to the result of the dispute is forbidden.”

On the other hand, both lawyer and client can agree to a payment mode which takes into account a fixed hourly rate as well as a success fee.

We are at your disposal to examine with you, which formula will suit you best.

The party which loses the case does not have to bear the entire costs and fees of the winning party, but will need to pay for the “costs of proceedings”.

The basic amount of the costs of proceedings is established by law. However, the Court can reduce or increase this amount depending on the complexity of the case and the work done by the lawyer, while remaining in a price range fixed by law.

Submit a copy of the policy and we will take care of the rest.